Celebrating International Women’s Day: The amazing story of Alice’s journey to healing.

On this day IMLU celebrates and honours the hundreds of women that have suffered the horrors of torture and ploughed through this journey triumphantly. Here is the story of Alice to inspire you on International Women’s Day.

Alice is a young, vibrant and industrious small-scale businesswoman from Nyandarua County. On the fateful day in the year 2020, during the enforcement of the Covid-19 curfew restrictions, Alice proceeded to her home as usual later in the evening wheeling her trolley with her business wares (a business that she looked up to as her source of joy and calm that later turned out to be the genesis of her agony). When suddenly, two stone-hearted police officers who had taken cover near her home pounced on her and relentlessly whipped, clobbered and humiliated her as they followed her to her residence. They inflicted on her injuries to her back and face causing actual bodily harm.

She was later rushed to the hospital and received treatment at a nearby medical facility however, these injuries left her with severe pain and a spinal deformity that altered her gait. Later on in 2022, with IMLU’s assistance, corrective surgery on her spine was conducted. She also underwent trauma counselling and psychological support as she suffered immense trauma and felt devastated. She is now recuperating, livelier and still on the path to recovery as she plans on re-establishing her business.

Photos of Alice to the left after the corrective surgery and to the right after recovery in 2022

“Thank you IMLU for the support you have given to me. I was unable to walk well but now I can stand upright and able to walk without support. I am confident that justice will prevail,” Alice said.