Families of King’ong’o Seven yet to get justice 23 years later

By Sarah Nyakio

Over two decades ago a rather sad incident took place in a Kenyan prison that sent shock waves around the country.

On September 9, 2000,six capital offenders incarcerated at Kingongo maximum prison were beaten to death as they allegedly tried to escape with only Benard Mwirichia surviving the ordeal

At the time prison officials reported that the six victims were nabbed trying to scale up the security wall and when challenged to surrender, they declined prompting the prison wardens to batter them to death

After a public outcry, IMLU conducted investigations that prompted the bodies’ excavation. It was established that the six were brutalised to death in a well-orchestrated plot conducted by the wardens in a cohort with prison officials.

Nine wardens who were implicated in the act were sentenced to death as a result by then High Court judge Ombija Nicholas. Prison facilities are meant to rehabilitate but on that night, Kingongo was turned into a murder scene which we hope will never happen again

Their families continue to seek justice for their kin 23 years later with the support of IMLU 

IMLU has continuously supported the families with psychological rehabilitation and legal assistance for the last 23 years.

The victims died from head injuries by blunt force trauma. They are:

Julius Mungania M’Muraa

James Irungu Ndugo

Peter Loyara Lomukunya

Peter Koring

Peter Ngurushana Emasha

John Nyoro Njuguna

The hearing is scheduled for 10th Feb 2023