As indicated in the end term evaluation of the 2017-2021 SP, the funding landscape has significantly shifted over the years, and the economic impact of COVID-19 will compound an already strained
funding environment. Due to this, it is imperative that we diversify our resource base. 

The programme aims to achieve the following specific objectives

A fundraising strategy will assist us to secure the funding necessary to implement this Strategic Plan through strengthening its relationships with existing donors, securing new donors and seeking to diversify our sources of funding. We will seek to strengthen its monitoring and evaluation system as well as to strengthen it institutional capacity and management. Our strength lies in our team, therefore we will invest in the wellbeing and development of our staff. Besides staff, we will seek to enhance its visibility through investments in strategic communication including use of social media platforms.


The Strategic Plan will be complemented by annual operational plans and a monitoring matrix. we will define clear indicators that measure the extent to which we are implementing our strategies and contributing to the changes that we want to see.