Five police officers charged with the murder of Caleb Espino

By Sarah Nyakio

Five police officers will be charged with the murder of Caleb Espino who died while in police custody.

The officers facing the murder charges are Khalif Abdulahi Sigat, James Muli Koti, Joseph Odhiambo Sirawa, Edward Kong Onchonga and Nelson Nkanae

How Espino died

Espino died at Changamwe police station on September 17, 2018, and an autopsy supported by IMLU showed the death was a homicide.

The postmortem revealed Espino died of multiple injuries on the head, upper cervical spine of the neck and chest. There was a fracture due to blunt force trauma, bleeding within the brain, and injury to the upper spinal cord.

Pathologists saw bleeding into both sides of the lungs and the back. A rib on Espino’s left chest had a fracture. There was also a tear within one of his lungs.

Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) and Independent Medico-Legal Unit (IMLU) watch brief on behalf of Espino’s family.