kma 2022

IMLU participation in KMA Conference 2022

By Roselyne Buchichi

IMLU recognizes the importance of Human Rights in health, and increasingly have worked together with the Kenya Medical Association (KMA), a National Association of Doctors and Dentists to protect and promote human rights as a means of promoting health and preventing human suffering. Additionally, IMLU’s Strategic Priority two on social capital and movement building with medical doctors lays emphasis on nurturing these capital.

The Kenya Medical Association held its 49th Annual Conference from the 1st to the 4th of June at the Noble Hotel Eldoret with the theme: Activating health systems change to improve physicians’ well-being. IMLU attended this conference as it was a strategic opportunity to nourish its partnership with KMA, thus strengthening the network coordination of doctors and bringing young doctors on board. This also set a podium for IMLU to share findings and gather feedback on the finished study done on unclaimed bodies. Additionally, the exhibition stand set a platform for the sale of IMLU’s forensic manuals and showcasing IMLU’s work.


IMLU reached out to a total of 67 (26F, 41M) doctors and other professionals, with the sale of 14 forensic manuals. A total of 8 young doctors from Moi and Maseno Universities appreciated IMLU’s work and aspired to be involved in IMLU’s work. Additionally, the KMA launched their 2022-2026 strategic plan this saw a representation by three IMLU board members, and the Executive Director had a chance to deliver congratulatory remarks. Lastly, the unveiling of the findings of the unclaimed bodies study was done through a thirty-minute presentation done by the study coordinator Maurice Silali.