A World free from Torture, Violence and Discrimination

To prevent and respond to torture, violence and discrimination by engaging with state and other non-state actors in rehabilitation, redress, research, advocacy and movement building, capacity building, and accountability.



Integrity: we uphold professionalism, honesty, accountability, and evidence based interventions in the course of our work.

Courage: with confidence and relentlessness, we engage and hold state and other perpetrators of violence, torture, and discrimination accountable and ensure justice for victims and survivors

Empathy: we show compassion and dedication to victims and survivors of torture, violence and discrimination regardless of who they are.

Empowerment: we are committed to enhancing knowledge and skills for IMLU staff, our professional networks and all our stakeholders in order to effectively and efficiently work towards fulfilling our Mission.

Transparency: we are open in our interactions and working relations, IMLU’s movements understand our course; we encourage and support clear channels of information sharing and communication;

Non-discrimination: we demonstrated unconditional positive regard for all; we treat everyone equally regardless of their race, color, religion, political affiliation, gender, age, sexual orientation or social-cultural or economic background; we keenly reflect on how our work methods, approaches and attitudes impact on communities that we serve.

Passion: we crave to make a difference, in solidarity we build a relentless movement of people across communities and geographies who believe in a better World free from violence, torture and discrimination; we exert our energies, knowledge and skills beyond corporate commitments.

Innovation: we seek to use unique and creative solutions to new and old problems affecting our constituencies; we encourage and support our clients to develop and execute their own tailored solutions to their problems, we seek to continually improve what we do through practice, questioning, research, evidence, learning and solid documentation.

Our Purpose

1.       Rehabilitation and legal assistance for victims of torture and their families.

2.       Increase awareness on torture and contribute to advocacy strategies for torture redress.

3.       Training professionals on identification and documentation of torture.

4.       Raising public awareness concerning IMLU’s role and purpose in democratic Kenya.

Contact Us

69 Mokoyeti West Road, Off Lang'ata Road, Near Galleria Shopping Mall, Karen Estate. P.O Box 16035-00509, Galleria Nairobi.

020- 4450598, 0724 256 800

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