This programme involves dissemination of information on torture to the public and advocacy against torture and other human rights violations. Generally the programme is responsible for discharging the promotion mandate of communications and advocacy duties of Independent Medico Legal Unit, by conducting human rights education and training workshops, public campaigns, advocacy strategy formulation, rural community outreach, seminars, roundtable discussions, dialogues and conferences in branding IMLU as a human rights and governance organization. Its primary target audiences are communities in both rural and urban areas as well as professional groupings such as government officials and non-governmental organizations.


  1. Developing anti-torture campaign material and advocacy strategies
  2. Collecting relevant information for the purpose of public policy advocacy
  3. Preparing photographic documentation of torture cases and maintaining a video library.
  4. Managing the daily running of the resource center
  5. Sensitizing both policy and opinion leaders on issues regarding torture and related human rights violations.
  6. Making field visits with doctors and lawyers to follow up cases and prepare reports
  7. Developing networks and partnerships with other human rights organizations involved in anti-torture violations.


  1. Developing and implementing internal and external communication strategies that advance IMLU’s strategic objectives.
  2. Ensuring IMLU’s visibility through branding Designing anti-torture and related human rights and communication programmes.
  3. Developing programme work plans, activities and budgets
  4. Convening and organizing media events
  5. Developing and producing IMLU’s newsletter and key IEC materials
  6. Upgrading and updating the IMLU’s website.
  7. Liaising with both local and international media to promote IMLU’s profile.

The Program is headed by a Communication and Advocacy Officer. The department also serves as a research center for journalist students and practitioners in their work in regard to Torture and various Human Rights aspects.

Main objective

  1. To raise awareness of human rights through rural community outreach, presentations and other capacity building interventions on the thematic areas of IMLU;
  2. To encourage public participation on contemporary human rights issues by hosting seminars, conferences, as well as social media and networking forums; and
  3. To collaborate with other nongovernmental organizations, Civil Society and the Kenya government in the fight against torture.

 Specific Objectives

  1. To improve the legal, educational, health and professional status of victims of torture at the global and local level through service and advocacy
  2. To work for the advancement of understanding and a defined relationship between the police and the public, through police reforms advocacy To promote justice and universal respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.
  3. To be united nationally and internationally with like-minded organizations to foster high ethical standards, to implement service programs, and to provide mutual support and fellowship for torture victims.


Contact Us

69 Mokoyeti West Road, Off Lang'ata Road, Near Galleria Shopping Mall, Karen Estate. P.O Box 16035-00509, Galleria Nairobi.

020- 4450598, 0724 256 800

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